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Ashley Tang

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Marketing Specialist

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Trust and remember the person you want to become. Your ‘better self’ is built through the decisions you make in each moment.

I’m a Singaporean born individual who has lived in Australia for 10 years. Passionate about knowledge and excellence, I’ve pursued education in Singapore and Australia, providing me with diverse skills and a unique perspective. I’ve lived in Thailand and Laos, which taught me the importance of cultural sensitivity and prioritizing people. Loyalty and the ability to navigate adversity with strength are significant to me. Innovation and interpersonal skills are the cornerstones of success, and I continuously strive to bring these qualities to every interaction and vocation.

Years Experience
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With creativity and determination, I am able to embark on crafting effective outcomes from scratch, turning daunting challenges into opportunities to triumph.


Prior experience in managing influencer campaigns and executing end-to-end campaign processes from scratch, including outreach and partnership building, I skillfully connect, strategize, and cultivate relationships to drive business awareness.

Web Creation

With expertise in domain server registration, Envato Elements, WordPress, theme customization, plugin integration, web design, content writing, and SEO-optimization, I build websites from scratch, delivering a complete online presence.

Social Media

With a strong command of social media platforms, content creation, audience engagement, data analysis, and campaign optimization, I possess the skills to excel in managing and maximizing social media presence for impactful brand progression.

Client Work

I excel in understanding client needs, developing tailored strategies, and delivering exceptional results. Through collaboration, attention to detail, and effective communication, I ensure a seamless client experience, driving business growth.


Inhouse Design
This design was personally crafted by me as both a social media graphic as well as a the face of a voucher given out at events and within campaigns to promote the brand's Instagram.

Client Instagram
This was created in collaboration with an inhouse-designer, the content direction was lead by me. This was a well received design revamp we did to revive the client's image.

Client Instagram
An image solely created by me for content that aimed to target consumers who prize dark aesthetics and meaningful products.

Client Instagram
This graphic was not created by me, however the direction of design and content itself was created by me especially to push engagement.

Carousel Content
This is an image of a carousel I designed and created content wise. It holds 4 more designs that aim to provide sustainable and researched information on the topic.

Client Instagram
An image solely created by me for content that aimed to highlight the process of brewing sake with the goal to educate and elicit a sense of know and inclusivity to viewers.

Client Collaborations: Partnered Brands

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